Why Option Power & Rithy Audio Visuals

Option Power® Interactive Software

Option Power brings unique ease of use and sophisticated capabilities to the market. Option Power software is a fully-integrated add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint and allows you to quickly turn your PowerPoint slideshows into dynamic, interactive presentations.
Option Power is one of the only interactive products currently available that is totally integrated into PowerPoint. Programs that use “overlays” or standalone software require more training, reduce your options during a meeting and hinder your ability to report and use the interactive knowledge obtained.

Why Choose Rithy Audio Visual’s

· Rithy Audio Visual’s is a pioneer in the Audience Response industry, with over 1000 ARS meetings serviced.
· We have more than 5 years of experience in Interactive Sessions.
· Professionally trained technicians with at least 3 years ARS experience.
· We own and maintain one of the largest keypad inventories in India
· Our ARS division is dedicated to Audience Response – we focus on doing ARS, and doing it best.
· Rithy Audio Visual’s constantly improves quality of service to customers through commonsense business practices:

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